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           ABOUT US



MenaCare is a full service business consulting company focused on the delivery of innovative healthcare solutions. MenaCare is specialized in investing, planning and managing healthcare programs and projects .Through its alliance with several strategic business partners, MenaCare is capable of helping investors,business owners, hospitals, physicians and healthcare professionals succeed in developing profitable ventures worldwide. 


Since its inception, MenaCare has delivered innovative solutions and services to many clients around the Middle East and North Africa. The company was created in response to the great needs which have not been adequately met by the traditional “big-name” internationally prominent health care institutions.


 MenaCare has adopted a no-nonsense approach to deliver superior quality services and easily implementable short and long term strategies to achieve the desired objectives in the most efficient and cost effective way. Our ability to deliver our commitment is rooted in our basic beliefs in partnership with low overhead and vast available resources offered to us from all over the world. We believe that all people are entitled and deserve to have access to the best health care possible.



MenaCare has Turn Key capabilities and offers comprehensive services which include market surveys,feasibility studies,business plans, architectural & construction services and the development of clinical programs and operational services. Our services are distinguished by our unique capability of providing dedicated affordable solutions.The company has been incorporated to meet the growing needs for quality healthcare delivery in the Middle East, North Africa and around the world.




MenaCare with the support of The International Healthcare Research & Development Institute IHRDI is able to provide a range of services that bring individual designed solutions to meet our client’s needs and to ensure effective, efficient and financially sustainable operation.



The International Healthcare Research & Development Institute IHRDI is a consortium of global institutions and professional healthcare entities which combined their resources and expertise to create an alliance aimed at providing comprehensive services to fulfill the needs of existing hospitals, investor groups which desire to build and develop new centers of excellence, physician groups which desire to add further expertise or advanced training, and governments which need to expand their healthcare system.







  • Children Hospitals  
  • Centers of Excellence in Urology & Reproductive Medicine
  • Centers of Excellence in Radiation Oncology 
  • Chain Retail Pharmacies 
  • Centers of Excellence in Cardiology
  • Medical Resorts and Rehabilitation Centers 
  • Anti Aging Clinics 
  • Diagnostic Centers 
  • Health Care Planning & Quality Management Institutes 
  • Medical Colleges and Training Centers 
  • Healthcare Cities & Biotech Clusters






Portfolio of potential investors & funding sources


Feasibility Studies and Strategic Planning 


Review and Analysis of Proposed Resources, Architectural Plans and Design Elements 


Functional Planning 


Architectural and Design Planning








Project Management and Supervision


Purchase Furnishings, Equipment and Consumables


Agreements for Recruitment of Health Care Professionals and Associates


Development of Administrative, Professional and Medical Staff Organizational Structures


Development of Policies, Procedures, Quality and Patient Safety Measures 


Development of Academic and Professional Organizations’ Affiliations and Cooperative Programs







Facilities Operation and Management


Development of High Profile Clinical and Academic Programs


Implementing International Standards and Accreditation

Development of National Emergency Care, Trauma and Community Public Health System








Continuing Medical and Nursing Education Programs (CME)


Expert/Visiting Physician Exchange Programs


Advanced Physician and Nursing Training Programs in the USA (Licensed Mini Fellowships)


University based grant-supported Research Opportunities


International Health Care Conventions (Courses and Seminars)


Advanced Life Support Training (Adult (ALS)), Pediatric (PALS), Trauma (TALS), and Neonatal (NALS), certified by the American Heart Association.







International Business Representation 


Structuring and Negotiating Joint Ventures


Raising Capital & Funding Strategies 


Equipment & System Recommendation


Cost Reduction & Profit Optimization


Hospital Affiliation Development


Healthcare Marketing & Business Development 


Assembling Consortium and Networks


Coordinating Trade Missions


As a progressive healthcare consulting company, we propel high growth and sustainability by identifying viable business opportunities within the complex global healthcare sector. MenaCare is available for select engagements. For additional information please contact us at






























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