About MED 2020 Forum :

Medicine has come a long way over the decades but has yet a long way to go. Medicine and medical practices need to constantly evolve to keep up with the changing trends and ahead of diseases. Diseases being the arch nemesis of our fast moving world.

The future of medicine lies in bringing a balance between the art of medicine,science and technology. This forum will focus on the way ahead in the field of medical science with Transformational Models for Superior Healthcare Outcomes.

Oman will be hosting its first ever MED2020 forum to showcase the best of know-how and medical practices in the world of medicine. The forum will be a two-day event, scheduled for October 26th and 27th at the InterContinental Hotel Muscat. It is open to physicians, nurses, allied health professionals, administrators as well as to the public.

Organized under the theme ‘Transforming the Future of Medicine in the MENA region for Superior Healthcare Outcomes’, the event aims to create a platform for the sharing of knowledge and experience from global advancements in medicine with the MENA region.

The conference has been designed to include a unique gathering of global medical experts with specializations in the fields of cardiology, metabolic syndromes, blood disorders, anti-aging, pediatrics,Telemedicine, trauma and critical care and global health. Professionals and medical practitioners from all over the world will participate in the event to share important insight into some of medicine’s most path-breaking discoveries. Topics on the agenda range from management of metabolic syndromes, trauma and emergency medical systems, advances in monitoring and management of the critically ill, to population health and managing obesity, stem cell research, breakthrough interventions and telemedicine.

MED 2020 forum is organized by the W.J Towell Group and Menacare




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