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           Case Studies



                               Case Study

Our team created methods to improve the quality of Healthcare delivery at a Hospital in Saudi Arabia , the three steps took to help the client are :

· Medical Conference or symposia for doctors and healthcare staff
· Workshops and hands in training including Emergency respond and trauma handling strategies
· Selecting Key leaders in the system for advanced training at hospitals and institutions in the USA

Our Transformation strategies include the following:

· Management of all the administrative structure
· Clinical advancement and improvement
· Educational improvement
· By-laws and operating manuals restructure
· Emergency respond and disaster handling training


Case Study

A major Midwest United States hospital was interested in expanding its market territory to include
the Middle East . They wanted their brand to become better known in the MENA region and for physicians in the area to know about their capabilities. In order to build greater awareness of the hospital among physicians, MenaCare developed a series of medical symposia ( Conferences ) for joint presentations of medical topics by local physicians and physicians from the hospital. In these symposia, professional relationships were developed and exchanges of medical information occurred. For this activity,our team provided total event planning, coordination, media contacts and all travel and logistical arrangements. To expand the hospital's brand awareness, they developed a marketing plan which identified the target market and developed approaches for reaching that market. This activity included developing all marketing materials, identifying sponsorship opportunities, coordinating advertising campaigns and promoting the brand through internet advertising.

Case Study

A highly respected GCC hospital was interested in expanding its patient base to include more
expatriates. In order to do so they wished to provide direct billing arrangements with international
insurance carriers but unsure of how to accomplish this.

MenaCare used their extensive knowledge of international insurance companies to contract with insurance companies on behalf of the hospital. MenaCare identified the insurance companies, negotiated the contracts, coordinated the collection of the key information required by the companies, trained the hospital's staff and implemented the direct billing arrangements.

Case Study

An American Company was considering establishing a Quality Medical Fluids Factory in China but
was uncertain about the venture’s pricing, sourcing, reliability and financial strength of a potential
partner in the venture.

MenaCare conducted a thorough review of Medical Fluids market in China eventually producing a complete market research report which identified virtually all such suppliers in China, provided detailed information regarding contacts, major executives, finances, products, prices and financing arrangements. Based on this information, the project moved forward in its review and analysis of the opportunity.

Case Study

A successful researchers at a Biotech company in the GCC area wanted to build a commercial entity out of

the research that had been conducted in a university setting.

MenaCare was asked to develop the go-to-market launch strategy with included financial modeling of the

business, fund-raising, organizational design, marketing messaging and lead generation campaigns and sales messaging and training.

        Facility Development and Management   


                              Case Study

Several hospitals in the GCC needed a complete administrative structure with accompanying policies,
procedures and processes that would implement international standards in management in this new

MenaCare completely created the full medical, administrative and financial structure for their facilities.

This included all personnel related processes: administrative rules and procedures, medical staff rules

and by-laws, bi-lingual job descriptions for every position in the facility and a full training program for

new staff. Clinically,our team developed a drug formulary, supervised the design of all work flows and coordinated them with physical elements of the final fit-out of the hospital and identified and source all

major medical equipment and medical supplies.

Operationally, our team identified all vendors and suppliers for hospital consumables, developed bidding

and sourcing rules and procedures for acquisition, hired and trained trainers for patient service program, conducted market surveys and identified the elements of a market campaign. Financially, the cost center structure, five-year budget plan for all departments and full operational budget was developed.


Case Study

A well-known and respected North African hospital, a world-leader in its specialty, recognized that its
middle-managers needed additional management training in order for them to be more effective leaders.

MenaCare developed an intensive seminar series that it presented to the hospital's
middle management group. The topics covered included financial management, budgeting,
governance, information systems, marketing, medical records management, administration, motivation
and leadership training, accreditation standards and capital budgeting. Presented in a bilingual format
and accompanied by training materials, the seminar series provided a much-needed educational
supplement and enhanced the skills and capabilities of the management group.



            Development of Advanced Clinical Programs


                                Case Study


Our team at MenaCare recognized the inherent difficulties of introducing change into the massive
healthcare system of China , but their goal was to play a significant role in that effort to contribute to
the betterment of its citizens. They conduct themselves in an ethical, professional manner which was a
great example and contributed big help to the development of the healthcare system that served as a
model for others.


































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