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                                      October 26-27, 2014.Intercontinental Hotel , Muscat - Oman


Despite the significant advances and scientific innovations in medicine, the health of populations, world-wide, has not improved significantly.  Furthermore, the impact of breakthrough therapies such as gene manipulation, stem cell transplants and organ regenerative technology, have been minimized because of poor implementation strategies.  As the social, commercial and political interactions between countries and people spread, so do the health issues of those people and countries.  The developed and developing countries are facing diseases which they have not had to deal with before.  Health and disease are no longer local, but global.


The massive buildup of new health care facilities, adding hospital beds and technology, has only resulted in escalating the cost of health care delivery prompting governments to implement sweeping, but often misguided health care reform policies. 


Professionals all over the world have been gathering together, to share knowledge and suggest effective solutions to improve the health of their populations.  The suggested solutions; however, remain elusive concepts.


This forum is specifically designed, not only to share knowledge and discuss the new and exciting innovations in medicine, but also to transform this knowledge and innovation into actionable programs that could be easily and rapidly implemented.  The health of any population can be improved only through the implementation of transformational models of care which will result in exceptional health outcomes. 


          On behalf of the Organizing Committee, We invite you to join us this year at MED 2020 Forum in Muscat.

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